Ask them wheres the cash coming frommovie and game

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Unformatted text preview: s core business of movie and game rentals. “This is still a healthy, growing business,” Dooley insists. He believes that consumers coming in to rent movies and games were confused by the array of retail products that greeted them. Dooley and Redstone have been hiring new headquarters staff at the rate of about 50 people per week, they’ve been to the warehouse construction site, they’ve ordered outlets to rearrange merchandise to emphasize rentals, and now they’ve turned to you. “We’ve got a job you’ll love,” Dooley smiles. “We want to know what our store managers know, and we want you to ask them.” Your task: Briefly state the purpose of your message. Then draft an e-mail request asking retail managers if customers walk out when current hits aren’t available, whether the emphasis on retail products affected cash flow, and whether sales and rental figures have changed now that the clutter has been removed. Ask them: Where’s the cash coming from—movie and game rentals, movie and game sales, or candy bars? Dooley says, “I want a...
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