Briefly explain 3 youve been asked to write a letter

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Unformatted text preview: commendation about a job candidate whose performance was poor? 9. How can you avoid sounding insincere when writing a goodwill message? 10. What are some of the guidelines for writing condolence messages? Apply Your Knowledge 1. Why is it good practice to explain why replying to a request could benefit the reader? 2. Your company’s error cost an important business customer a new client; you know it, and your customer knows it. Do you apologize, or do you refer to the incident in a positive light without admitting any responsibility? Briefly explain. 3. You’ve been asked to write a letter of recommendation for an employee who worked for you some years ago. You recall that the employee did an admirable job, but you can’t remember any specific information at this point. Should you write the letter anyway? Explain. 4. Every time you send a direct-request e-mail message to Ted Jackson, who works in another department in your company, he delays or refuses to comply. You’re beginning to get impatient. Should you send Jackson a memo to ask what’s wrong? Complain to your...
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