Close with an appreciation for the customers business

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Unformatted text preview: en the customer is at fault • Weigh the cost of complying with or refusing the request. • If you choose to comply, open with the good news. • Use the body of the message to respectfully educate the customer about steps needed to avoid a similar outcome in the future. • Close with an appreciation for the customer’s business. C. Responding when a third party is at fault • Evaluate the situation and review your company’s policies before responding. • Avoid placing blame; focus on the solution. • Regardless of who is responsible for resolving the situation, let the customer know what will happen to resolve the problem. ment. In some transactions, the customer might not even be aware that third parties were involved. No general scheme applies to every case involving a third party, so evaluate the situation carefully and know your company’s policies before responding. For instance, an online retailer and the companies that manufacture its merchandise might have an agreement specifying that the manufacturers automatically handle all complaints about product qu...
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