Doing so will generate an answer sooner and make

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Unformatted text preview: those questions that are central to your main request. Doing so will generate an answer sooner and make better use of the other person’s time. Deal with only one topic per question. If you have an unusual or complex request, break it down into specific, individual questions so that the reader can address each one separately. Don’t put the burden of untangling a complicated request on your reader. This consideration not only shows respect for your audience’s time but also gets you a more accurate answer in less time. Request Specific Action in a Courteous Close Close your message with three important elements: (1) a specific request, (2) information about how you can be reached (if it isn’t obvious), and (3) an expression of appreciation or goodwill. When you ask readers to perform a specific action, ask that they respond by a specific time, if appropriate (“Please send the figures by April 5 so that I can return firstquarter results to you before the May 20 conference”). Plus, by including your phone number, e-mail address, office hou...
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