Editors are overwhelmed with news releases so those

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Unformatted text preview: e (such as the readers of a newspaper); you’re trying to interest an editor or reporter in a story, and that person will then write the material that is eventually read by the larger audience. To write a successful news release, keep the following points in mind:3 ● ● ● ● 46053 C PHNJ B&E A B Above all else, make sure your information is both newsworthy and relevant to the specific publications or websites to which you are sending it. Editors are overwhelmed with news releases, so those without real news content are disposed of quickly—and can damage the writer’s credibility, too. Focus on one subject; don’t try to pack a single news release with multiple, unrelated news items. Put your most important idea first. Don’t force editors to hunt for the news. Be brief: Break up long sentences and keep paragraphs short. PN 232 C/M/Y/K DESIGN SERVICES OF M09_BOVE5352_09_SE_C08.QXD 5/22/07 3:38 PM Page 233 C HAPTER 8 Writing Routine and Positive Messages 233 FIGURE 8.9 News Release Announcing Positive News In this news release, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announces a significant milestone for its o...
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