Eliminate clutter such as redundancy and extraneous

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Unformatted text preview: nline trademark application system. Notice how the news is conveyed through three levels of detail: the headline, the first paragraph, and successive paragraphs. Provides contact information in case reporters and editors need more information Uses an informative headline to summarize the news Restates the news in the opening, providing more details Continues to provide additional layers of detail, quotations are frequently used for this purpose. ● ● ● ● Eliminate clutter such as redundancy and extraneous facts. Be as specific as possible. Minimize self-congratulatory adjectives and adverbs; if the content of your message is newsworthy, the media professionals will be interested in the news on its own merits. Follow established industry conventions for style, punctuation, and format. As with many aspects of business communication, the process of creating and distributing news releases and other media materials is continually improved by technological advances. Online distribution systems such as PR Newswire and BusinessWire make it easy for even the smallest companies to reach editors and reporters at the most prominent publications around the world. Many companies also create special media pages on their websites that contain th...
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