Enviro domestic is a 20 year old firm with a well

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Unformatted text preview: rovide additional information on distribution opportunities for your Healthy Ponds product line, as mentioned on your website. Enviro Domestic is a 20-year old firm with a well-established design, retail, and service presence in the Oklahoma City area, and we believe your bioremediation products would make a compelling addition to our offerings. 46053 C PHNJ B&E A B PN 21 C/M/Y/K Makes overall request in polite question form (no question mark) Identifies the writer’s affiliation and reason for writing DESIGN SERVICES OF M09_BOVE5352_09_SE_C08.QXD 218 PART 3 5/17/07 12:59 PM Page 218 Crafting Brief Messages FIGURE 8.2 Effective Message Requesting Action In this e-mail request to district managers across the country, Helene Clausen asks them to fill out an attached information collection form. While the request is not unusual and responding to it is part of the managers’ responsibility, Clausen asks for their help in a courteous manner and points out the benefits of responding. Pl a n Write Complete Analyze the Situatio...
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