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First open your message with a clear and concise

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Unformatted text preview: same time, avoid being abrupt or tactless: pay attention to tone, assume your audience will comply, avoid personal introductions, end polite requests with a period, and be specific. Use the middle of a routine request to justify your request and explain its importance. Close routine requests by asking for specific action (including a deadline as often as possible) and expressing goodwill. Be sure to include all contact information so that your reader can respond easily. 3 Describe a strategy for writing routine replies and positive messages. First, open your message with a clear and concise statement of the main idea or your good news. Second, in the body of your message, provide the details and explanations necessary to meet the audience’s information needs. If your message has a mix of positive and negative information, try to put the negative news in a positive context. If you are communicating with customers, you can also use the body of the message to share 5 Discuss the importance of knowing who is responsible when granting claims and requests for adjus...
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