For example if a customer message contains the word

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Unformatted text preview: in intelligence, so they do nothing more than send back the same reply to every message they receive. You explain to your boss that although some of the messages you receive require the attention of your product spets, many are simply requests for straightforward information. In fact, the customer service staff already answers some 70 percent of e-mail queries with three ready-made attachments: • Installing Your Cycle Computer. Gives customers advice on installing the cycle computer the first time or reinstalling it on a new bike. In most cases, the computer and wheel sensor bolt directly to the bike without modification, but certain bikes do require extra work. • Troubleshooting Your Cycle Computer. Provides a step-bystep guide to figuring out what might be wrong with a malfunctioning cycle computer. Most problems are simple, such as dead batteries or loose wires, but others are beyond the capabilities of your typical customer. • Upgrading the Software in Your Cycle Computer. Tells...
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