Have i avoided overstating the candidates abilities

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Unformatted text preview: apply to all cases. However, asking yourself the following questions before drafting a recommendation letter will help you avoid trouble: ● Does the party receiving this personal information have a legitimate right to it? ● Does all the information I’ve presented relate directly to the job or benefit being sought? ● Have I put the candidate’s case as strongly and as honestly as I can? ● Have I avoided overstating the candidate’s abilities or otherwise misleading the reader? ● Have I based all my statements on firsthand knowledge and provable facts? No matter what the circumstances, experts also advise that you always consult your human resources or legal department for advice. CAREER APPLICATIONS 1. A former employee was often late for work but was an excellent and fast worker who got along well with everyone. Do you think it’s important to mention the tardiness to potential employers? If so, how will you handle it? 2. Step outside yourself for a moment and write a letter of recom...
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