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He must have included at least a megabyte of bouncing

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Unformatted text preview: software would most likely suggest a need for the upgrade attachment. Second, draft three short e-mail messages to accompany each ready-made attachment, explaining that the attached document answers the most common questions on a particular subject (installation, troubleshooting, or upgrading). Your messages should invite recipients to write back if the attached document doesn’t solve the problem—and don’t forget to provide the e-mail address: [email protected] Third, draft a fourth message to be sent out whenever your new system is unable to figure out what the customer is asking for. Simply thank the customer for writing and explain that the query will be passed on to a customer service spet who will respond shortly. E-Mail SKILLS 18. Lighten up: E-mail reply to a website designer at Organizers Unlimited. When Kendra Williams, owner of Organizers Unlimited, wanted to create a website to sell her Superclean Organizer, she asked you, her assistant, to find a designer. After some research, you found three promising individuals. Williams chose Pete Womack, whose résumé...
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