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Unformatted text preview: candidate’s full name and the main point of the letter in the opening Although a quiet, introspective young man, Mr. Biswas will not hesitate to contribute ideas when invited to do so. In addition, because Mr. Biswas learns quickly, he will learn your company’s routine with ease. Closes by inviting reader to discuss the candidate further Mr. Biswas will make an excellent addition to your staff at McNally and Associates. If I can provide any additional information, please call or fax me at the numbers above. If you prefer to communicate by e-mail, my address is [email protected] Begins the close by summarizing the supportive evaluation Sincerely, Lim Sok Ramsey Vice President, Strategy and Development customers about new shipping and return policies. Use the opening of informative messages to state the purpose (to inform) and briefly mention the nature of the information you are providing. Unlike the replies discussed earlier, informative messages are not solicited by your reader, so make it clear up front why the reader is receiving this part...
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