In fact the customer service staff already answers

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Unformatted text preview: automated response systems, and you quickly review a few articles before discussing the options with your boss. Artificial intelligence researchers have been working for decades to design systems that can actually converse with customers, ask questions, and respond to requests. Some of today’s systems have vocabularies of thousands of words and the ability to understand simple sentences. For example, chatterbots are automated bots that can actually mimic human conversation. (You can see what it’s like to carry on a conversation with some of these bots by visiting, clicking on Artificial Life Bots, and then selecting Chatterbots.) Unfortunately, even though chatterbots hold a lot of promise, human communication is so complex that a truly automated customer service agent could take years to perfect (and may even prove to be impossible). However, the simplest automated systems are called autoresponders or on-demand e-mail. They are fast and extremely inexpensive. They have no built-...
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