Instead of demanding action send me the latest

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Unformatted text preview: itial request is important. Instead of demanding action (“Send me the latest personnel cost data”), soften your request with words such as please and I would appreciate. Assume your audience will comply. An impatient demand for rapid service isn’t necessary. You can generally make the assumption that your audience will comply with your request once the reason for it is clearly understood. Be specific. State precisely what you want. For example, if you request the latest market data from your research department, be sure to say whether you want a one-page summary or a hundred pages of raw data. Explain and Justify Your Request Use the body of your message to explain your initial request. Make the explanation a smooth and logical outgrowth of your opening remarks. If possible, point out how complying with the request could benefit the reader. For instance, if you would like some assistance interpreting complex quality-control data, you might point out how a better understanding of quality-control issues would improve customer satisfaction and ultimately lead to hig...
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