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Unformatted text preview: s a line of automotive accessories for people who like to “tune” their cars for maximum performance. A customer has just written a furious e-mail, claiming that a supercharger he purchased from your website didn’t deliver the extra engine power he expected. Your company has a standard refund process to handle situations such as this, and you have the information you need to inform the customer about that. You also have information that could help the customer find a more compatible supercharger from one of your competitors, but the customer’s e-mail message is so abusive that you don’t feel obligated to help. Is this an appropriate response? Why or why not? Expand Your Knowledge Exploring the Best of the Web Recommended Advice for Recommendation Letters http://businessmajors.about.com Whether you’re continuing on to graduate school or entering the workforce with your undergraduate degree, recommendation letters could play an important role in the next few steps of your career. From selecting the people to ask for recommenda...
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