Kuei chen should be able to explain the problem

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Unformatted text preview: t know the details. You’ve tried telephoning top managers in China, but they’re evasive, telling you only what they think you want to hear. Finally, your friend Kuei-chen Tsao has returned from a business trip. You met her during your trip to China last year. She doesn’t speak English, but she’s the line engineer responsible for this particular product: a fiber-optic lighting display, featuring a plastic base with a rotating color wheel. As the wheel turns, light emitted from the spray of fiber-optic threads changes color in soothing patterns. Product #3347XM is one of Diagonal’s most popular items and you’ve got orders from novelty stores around the United States waiting to be filled. Kuei-chen should be able to explain the problem, determine whether you can help, and tell you how long before regular shipping resumes. Your task: Write the first of what you hope will be a productive instant message exchange with Kuei-Chen. Remember that your words will be machine-translated.6 Text-Messaging...
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