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Unformatted text preview: rtant to her and much loved by all their family. That, at least, is universal. And you’re toying with a phrase you once read, “The hand of time lightly lays, softly soothing sorrow’s wound.” Is it appropriate? Your task: You’ve decided to handwrite the condolence note on a blank greeting card you’ve found that bears a peaceful, “Easternflavor” image. You know you’re risking a cultural gaffe, but at least you won’t commit the greater offense of not writing at all. Choose the most sincere wording you can, which should resonate through any differences in custom or tradition.20 Blogging SKILLS Portfolio BUILDER 24. Green is the new green: Blog update on energy savings. Adobe Systems is well known as the maker of Acrobat, Photoshop, Flash, and other programs that are fundamental tools in the Internet Age. It is also becoming well known as one of the “greenest” companies in the country, adopting a variety of techniques and technologies that have not only reduced its energy usage considerably but also cut nearly...
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