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Unformatted text preview: s just a few years away from the usual retirement age, but he looks like a kid who’s finally found the right playground. Recently, Hedin decided to capitulate to all the requests he’s received from retail outlets on the mainland. Buyers kept coming to the islands on vacation, discovering Hedin’s “natural” sportswear, and begging him to set up a deal. For a long time, his answer was no; he simply couldn’t handle the extra work. But now he’s hired you. As special sales representative, you’ll help Hedin expand slowly into this new territory, starting with one store. Wholesaling to the local Kmarts is easy enough, but handling all the arrangements for shipping to the mainland would be too much for the current staff. So you’ll start with the company Hedin has chosen to become the first mainland retailer to sell Red Dirt and Lava Blues sportswear: Surf ’s Up in Chicago, Illinois—of all places. The boss figures that with less competition than he’d find on either coast, his island-influenced sportswear will be a big hit in Chicago, especially in the dead of winter. Your task: Write...
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