Only in town for the evening she was on her way to

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Unformatted text preview: lities does she possess that would qualify her for the position of special courier? (3) What qualities might need to be improved before she is put on permanent assignment in this job? As vice president of human resources at DHL, you know how much weight a strong personal reference can carry, and you don’t really mind that Kathryn never contacted you for permission to list your name—that’s Kathryn. You met her during your sophomore year at San Diego State University—that would have been 1994—and you two were roommates for several years after. Her undergraduate degree was in journalism, and her investigative reporting was relentless. You have never known anyone who could match Kathryn’s stamina when she was on a story. Of course, when she was between stories, she could sleep longer and do less than anyone else you have ever known. After a few years of reporting, Kathryn went back to school and earned her MBA from the University of San Diego. After that, you lost track of her for a while. Somebody said that she had joined the FBI—or was it the CIA?—you never reall...
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