Other products also allow you to carry on real time

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Unformatted text preview: news is that in the three years since you left Cell Genesys, you have truly missed working in the exciting biotechnology field and having the opportunity to be a part of something as important as helping people recover from life-threatening diseases. You know that careers in biotech are uncertain, but you have a few dollars in the bank now and you’re willing to ride that rollercoaster again. 46053 C PHNJ B&E A 3 B PN 241 IM SKILLS 2. Trans-global exchange: Instant message request for information from a Chinese manufacturer. Thank goodness your company, Diagonal Imports, chose the enterprise instant messaging software produced by IBM Lotus, called Sametime. Other products also allow you to carry on real-time exchanges with colleagues on the other side of the planet, but Sametime supports bidirectional machine translation, and you’re going to need it. The problem is that production on a popular line of decorative lighting appliances produced at your Chinese manufacturing plant inexplicably came to a h...
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