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Our special couriers convey materials of considerable

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Unformatted text preview: e webmaster asks various people to check out the site and give their feedback. As administrative assistant to Wal-Mart’s director of marketing, you have just received a request from the webmaster to visit Wal-Mart’s website and give your feedback. Your task: Visit www.wal-mart.com and do some online “window shopping.” As you browse through the site, consider the language, layout, graphics, and overall ease of use. In particular, look for aspects of the site that might be confusing or frustrating— C/M/Y/K DESIGN SERVICES OF M09_BOVE5352_09_SE_C08.QXD 5/17/07 12:59 PM Page 247 CHAPTER 8 annoyances that could prompt shoppers to abandon their quests and head to a competitor such as Target. Summarize your findings and recommendations in an e-mail message to the webmaster. 15. The special courier: Letter of recommendation for an old friend. In today’s mail, you get a letter from Non-Stop Messenger Service, 899 Sparks St., Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G9, Canada. It concerns a friend of yours who...
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