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Qxd 250 part 3 51707 1259 pm page 250 crafting brief

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Unformatted text preview: Once Ruestman retrofits your GreenStar precision package on his old combine and learns all its applications, he should have no problem saving enough to pay off the $7,350 credit account you’re about to grant him. Your task: Write a letter to Ruestman (P.O. Box 4067, Toluca, IL 61369) informing him of the good news.18 POSITIVE MESSAGES Blogging SKILLS Portfolio BUILDER 22. Leveraging the good news: Blog announcement of a prestigious professional award. You and your staff in the public relations (PR) department at Epson of America were delighted when the communication campaign you created for the new PictureMate Personal Photo Lab (www.epson.com/picturemate) was awarded the prestigious Silver Anvil award by the Public Relations Society of America. Now you’d like to give your team a pat on the back by sharing the news with the rest of the company. Your task: Write a one-paragraph message for the PR department blog (which is read by people throughout the company but is not accessible outside the company) announcing the award. Ta...
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