Recently hedin decided to capitulate to all the

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Unformatted text preview: think of, write as supportive a letter as possible about your friend Kathryn to Roscoe de la Penda, Human Resources Spet, Non-Stop Messenger. E-Mail SKILLS 16. Red dirt to go: Positive e-mail reply from Paradise Sportswear. As the owner of Paradise Sportswear in Hawaii, Robert Hedin was nearly done in by Hurricane Iniki in 1992, which wiped out his first silk-screened and airbrushed T-shirt business. He tried again, but then Hawaii’s red dirt started seeping into his warehouse and ruining his inventory. Finally, a friend suggested that he stop trying to fight Mother Nature. Hedin took the hint: He mortgaged his condo and began producing Red Dirt Shirts, all made with dye created from the troublesome local dirt. Bingo. Hedin’s Red Dirt Sportswear designs are so popular, they’re being snapped up by locals and tourists in Hedin’s eight Paradise Sportswear retail outlets and in every Kmart on the islands. Hedin even added a new line: Lava Blues, made with real Hawaiian lava rock. “You can make 500 shirts with a bucket of dirt,” grins Hedin as he shows you around the operation on your first day. He’...
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