Review your messages readability edit and rewrite to

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Unformatted text preview: u want to say it. Review your message’s readability. Edit and rewrite to make it concise and clear. Second, design your document to suit your purpose and your audience. Even simple e-mails and instant messages can benefit from careful font selection, the wise use of white space, and other design choices. Next, proofread the final version of your message, looking for typos, errors in spelling and mechanics, alignment problems, poor print quality, and so on. Finally, choose a distribution method that balances cost, convenience, time, security, and privacy. Refer to Chapter 7 for the most common media formats for brief messages. MAKING ROUTINE REQUESTS Making requests—for information, action, products, adjustments, or other matters—is a routine part of business. In most cases, your audience will be prepared to comply, as long as you’re not being unreasonable or asking people to do something they would expect you to do yourself. By applying a clear strategy and tailoring your approach to each situation, you’ll be able to gener...
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