Shes not sure where shell apply for work after

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Unformatted text preview: ortswear, recommending Jennifer Ramirez and evaluating her qualifications for the promotion. Rachel can check with the human resources department about Jennifer’s educational and employment history; you’re mainly interested in conveying your positive impression of Jennifer’s potential for advancement. 20. Impressive trainee: Letter of recommendation for a topnotch intern. As a project manager at Orbitz, one of the largest online travel services in the world, you’ve seen plenty of college interns in action. However, few have impressed you as much as Maxine “Max” Chenault. For one thing, she learned how to navigate the company’s content management system virtually overnight and always used it properly, whereas other interns sometimes left things in a hopeless mess. She asked lots of intelligent questions about the business. You’ve been teaching her blogging and website design principles, and she’s picked them up rapidly. Moreover, she is always on time, professional, and eager to assist. Also, she didn’t mind doing mundane tasks. On the downside, Chenau...
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