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So how did it start you ask mildly hoping your calm

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Unformatted text preview: ou terminate the lease if you don’t like the ads?8 5. Air rage fiasco: Letter requesting refund from British Airways. “There we were, cruising over the Atlantic, and the guy just went berserk! I couldn’t believe it!” Samantha Alberts, vice president of sales at Richter Office Solutions, is standing over your desk, describing the scene for you. You notice that your boss is still pale and shaky, even though it’s Monday and the “incident” happened last Friday. She was flying back from a conference in London to make a presentation at your New York branch, before heading back home to San Francisco on Saturday. She admits it was a crushing schedule and probably foolish to plan to prepare her notes on the plane, but she never expected this. “So how did it start?” you ask mildly, hoping your calm will help steady her nerves. She’s got another meeting in two hours. “Well, I didn’t notice anything until this guy leaped up and lunged for the flight attendant with both fists...
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