Such exclusions are common for instance diners club

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Unformatted text preview: d as much as they’re going to pay for damages. Auto insurers typically provide the same coverage for rentals as you carry on your own car. When customers use their credit card to pay for car rentals, American Express offers secondary protection that generally covers any remaining, unpaid damages. But there are important exceptions. Neither insurance nor credit card companies will pay the “loss of vehicle use fees” that car rental agencies always tack on. These fees can run into thousands of dollars, based on the agency’s revenue losses while the car is in the repair shop. When your customers are billed for this fee, they invariably call you, an- 46053 C PHNJ B&E A B PN 245 Writing Routine and Positive Messages 245 grily demanding to know why American Express won’t pay it. And if they’ve rented an SUV, they’re even angrier. American Express Green and Gold cards provide secondary coverage up to $55,000, and the Platinum card extends that to $75,000. But large SUVs such as the Ford Expedition, the GMC Yukon, and the Chevrolet Suburban are not covered at all. Such exclusions are common. For instance, Diners Club...
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