Surfing your way to career success bove and thills

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Unformatted text preview: tion letters to knowing what makes an effective letter, extends the advice offered in this chapter with real-life examples and suggestions. Visit’s Business Majors website and click on “Recommendation letters.” Read the advice you find, then answer the following questions: 46053 C PHNJ B&E A B PN 240 1. What’s a good process for identifying the best people to ask for recommendation letters? 2. What information should you provide to letter writers to help them produce a credible and compelling letter on your behalf? 3. What are the most common mistakes you need to avoid with recommendation letters? Surfing Your Way to Career Success Bovée and Thill’s Business Communication Resources offers links to hundreds of online resources that can help you with this course, your other college courses, and your career. Visit, then click on “Business Communication Web Directory.” The “Communication on the Job” section connects you to a variety of web...
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