Talk favorably about the choices the customer has

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Unformatted text preview: ingering doubts. • Maintain a supportive tone throughout. • Embed negative statements in positive contexts or balance them with positive alternatives. • Talk favorably about the choices the customer has made. C. End with a courteous close. • Let your readers know that you have their personal well-being in mind. • If further action is required, tell readers how to proceed and encourage them to act promptly. Answering Requests for Information and Action Every professional answers requests for information and action from time to time, and some business functions answer such requests many times a day. If the response to a request is a simple yes or some other straightforward information, the direct plan is appropriate. A prompt, gracious, and thorough response will positively influence how people think about you and the organization you represent. Depending on the resources your company offers, you might use letters, memos, e-mail, or instant messaging to answer these requests (see Figure 8.5). Many requests can be similar...
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