These friendly unexpected notes have no direct

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Unformatted text preview: g it and may or may not be motivated to read it, so you need to gauge their potential reaction and plan your message accordingly. In contrast, when someone else initiates the request, that person will obviously be anticipating your response. The person may or may not like what you have to say, of course, but at least your message will be expected. 7 Describe the importance of goodwill messages, and explain how to make them effective. Goodwill messages are important for building relationships with customers, colleagues, and other businesspeople. These friendly, unexpected notes have no direct business purpose, but they make people feel good about doing business with the sender. To make goodwill messages effective, make them honest and sincere. Avoid exaggerating, back up compliments with specific points, and give restrained praise. Explain how to ask for specific action in a courteous manner. A courteous close contains three important elements: (1) a specific request, (2) information abo...
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