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While you did tell us you were experiencing slow

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Unformatted text preview: he following short e-mail messages so that they are more direct and concise; develop a subject line for each revised message. a. I’m contacting you about your recent e-mail request for technical support on your cable Internet service. Part of the problem we have in tech support is trying to figure out exactly what each customer’s specific problem is so that we can troubleshoot quickly and get you back in business as quickly as possible. You may have noticed in an online support request form there are a number of fields to enter your type of computer, operating system, memory, and so on. While you did tell us you were experiencing slow download speeds during certain times of the day, you didn’t tell us which times specifically, nor did you complete all the fields telling us about your computer. Please return to our support website and resubmit your request, being sure to provide all the necessary information, then we’ll be able to help you. b. Thank you for contacting us about the difficulty you had collecting your lu...
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