You never know what the board might come up with next

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Unformatted text preview: the decision to close the dining hall last week and we’re scrambling around trying to figure out what to do. Do they have any kind of a warranty? College students can be pretty hard on things, as you know, so we will need a good warranty. How much does it cost? Do you give a discount for a big order? Do we have to provide a special outlet? Will students know how to use them, or will we need to provide instructions? As I said before, we’re on a tight time frame and need good information from you as soon as possible to help us make our decision about ordering. You never know what the board might come up with next. I’m looking at several other companies, also, so please let us know ASAP. Message 8.B: Making Claims and Requests for Adjustment At a local business-supply store, I recently purchased your Negotiator Pro for my computer. I bought the CD because I saw your ad for it in Macworld magazine, and it looked as if it might be an effective tool for use in my corporate seminar on negotiation. Unfortunately, when I inserted it in my office computer, it wouldn’t work. I re...
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