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You say nothing to contradict her idea but you wonder

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Unformatted text preview: d a printer while screaming obscenities. In all three cases, co-workers were terrified by these sudden outbursts. Too many disgruntled workers have committed too many violent acts against others in recent years; and whenever workers lose their temper on the job these days, it causes great fear—not to mention financial losses from the destruction of property and the disruption of work flow. People are on edge at Metro Power right now. Rising energy costs, public and government scrutiny, and cries of price gouging are causing additional work and stress for all your employees. Plus, too much overtime, unrealistic expectations for overworked departments, and high demands on sensitive equipment are contributing to the problem. Tempers are frayed and nerves strained. You’re concerned that these three incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. Your department head suggests that you write a reminder to all employees about controlling tempers in the workplace. “Tell them that technology glitches are commonplace and not some unholy disaster. And remind them to report routin...
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