Youll have access to movie sport and music channels

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Unformatted text preview: e Device (OSD). Starts with a clear, statement of the main point On page 12 of "Entertainment Unlimited" you'll find a list of the 338 channels that the OSD brings into your home. You'll have access to movie, sport, and music channels; 24-hour news channels; local channels; and all the major television networks. OSD gives you a clearer picture and more precise sound than those old-fashioned dishes that took up most of your yard—and OSD uses only a small dish that mounts easily on your roof. Presents key information immediately, along with resale and sales promotion 46053 C PHNJ B&E A B PN 225 C/M/Y/K DESIGN SERVICES OF M09_BOVE5352_09_SE_C08.QXD 226 PART 3 5/17/07 12:59 PM Page 226 Crafting Brief Messages Encourages readers to take one more step toward a purchase by highlighting product benefits More music, more cartoons, more experts, more news, and more sports are available to you with OSD than with any other cable or satellite connection in this region. Yes, it's all...
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