Youll love the programming and the low monthly cost

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Unformatted text preview: there, right at your fingertips. Points toward the sale confidently Just call us at 1-800-786-4331, and an OSD representative will come to your home to answer your questions. You'll love the programming and the low monthly cost. Call us today! Granting Claims and Requests for Adjustment 5 LEARNING OBJECTIVE Discuss the importance of knowing who is responsible when granting claims and requests for adjustment Even the best-run companies make mistakes, from shipping the wrong order to billing the customer’s credit card inaccurately. In other cases, the customer or a third party might be responsible for the mistake, such as misusing a product or damaging it in shipment. Each of these events represents a turning point in your relationship with your customer. If you handle the situation well, your customer will likely be even more loyal than before because you’ve proven that you’re serious about customer satisfaction. However, if a customer believes that you mishandled a complaint, you’ll make the situation even worse. Dissatisfied customers often take their business elsewhere without notice and te...
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