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Youre terrific youve made the whole firm sit up and

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Unformatted text preview: re and honest. Otherwise, you’ll appear to be interested in personal gain rather than in benefiting customers, fellow workers, or your organization. To come across as sincere, avoid exaggerating, and back up any compliments with specific points. In addition, readers often regard more restrained praise as being more sincere: INSTEAD OF THIS Words cannot express my appreciation for the great job you did. Thanks. No one could have done it better. You’re terrific! You’ve made the whole firm sit up and take notice, and we are ecstatic to have you working here. WRITE THIS Thanks again for taking charge of the meeting in my absence and doing such an excellent job. With just an hour’s notice, you managed to pull the legal and public relations departments together so that we could present a united front in the negotiations. Your dedication and communication abilities have been noted and are truly appreciated. Sending Congratulations One prime opportunity for sending goodwill messages is to congratulate individuals or companies for significant business a...
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