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Unformatted text preview: ntinued correspondence Sincerely, Includes plenty of contact information, in keeping with the friendly audience focus Haley Middleton Human Resources Herman Miller [email protected] www.hermanmiller.com 888-443-4357 (USA and Canada only) Herman Miller, Inc. 855 East Main Ave. PO Box 302 Zeeland, Michigan 49464-0302 USA consistently, companies usually develop form responses that can be customized as needed (see Figure 8.6). These ready-made message templates can be printed forms, word processor documents, e-mail templates, or blocks of instant messaging text that can be dropped into a messaging window with the click of a mouse. When you’re answering requests and a potential sale is involved, you have three main goals: (1) to respond to the inquiry and answer all questions, (2) to leave your reader with a good impression of you and your firm, and (3) to encourage the future sale. The following message meets all three objectives: Here is the brochure "Entertainment Unlimited" that you requested. This booklet describes the vast array of entertainment options available to you with an Ocean Satellit...
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