Word of thanks send it after youve received the reply

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Unformatted text preview: ct information. • Express your gratitude. • Clearly state any important deadlines for the request. word of thanks, send it after you’ve received the reply. To review, see “Checklist: Writing Routine Requests.” Common Examples of Routine Requests The various types of routine requests are innumerable, from asking favors to requesting credit. However, many of the routine messages that you’ll be writing will likely fall into a few main categories: asking for information and action, asking for recommendations, and making claims and requesting adjustments. Asking for Information and Action When you need to know about something, elicit an opinion from someone, or request a simple action, you usually need only ask. In essence, simple requests say ● ● ● What you want to know or what you want readers to do Why you’re making the request Why it may be in your readers’ interest to help you If your reader is able to do what you want, such a straightforward request gets the job done quickly. Follow the direct approach by opening wit...
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