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Ben Quackenbush Logic 100. Day #2 office hours: M W 3:15-4 pm. T 10:50- 11:30 R 11:45- 12:30 a.b.a. exactness: all games require exactness. Inference: what goes on in a mind. its dark. .you hear drip drip. .. where is my umbrella. . ( you infer that its raining outside.) an art of reasoning but an art of exactitude. Argument: a series of statement (propositions) in which one is claimed ( implicit/explicit) to followed from the other(s) which serve as evidence for its truth. Main concern : following from: sequitur : move in a logical path. .. /// giving evidence to seek the truth.
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Unformatted text preview: /// seek to prove. All A are B All B are C (one) Conclusion Then all A are C (premises) seek to prove the conclusion (Series) minimum number of series is 2. (Statements) assert truth. statements must have truth value. must be capable of being true or false. Not statements : questions. . (exp) rhetorical questions. .. commands. .exclamations Conclusion indicators words: therefore , thus , hence , so. Premises Indicators Words: Since, Because, As , For In implicit arguments C is said first....
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