Notes on Ancient Greeks

Notes on Ancient Greeks - Ancient Greeks -delain league...

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Ancient Greeks – -delain league transformed into Athenian empire -Athens faced with growing hostility -growing tension in the Greek world, hostility between leading powers of greek world -tension between Sparta and Athens -Sparta became champion of democracy -hostility lead to outbreak of pelopenisian wars (Sparta & allies vs. Athenian empire) -two phases in war -Sparta would surround Athenians but they would just close their gates -no real final deliberate battle that would knock one of these two out, came to a truce -Athenians became defenseless by losing their fleet, still Spartans needed help so they went to the Persians -could not play well together, revealed great weakness -weakness exploited one more time -underdeveloped nation – Macedonia , transformed into one the of the great nations (army, currency, structure) advanced & powerful kingdom -kingdom that would march south and show it s authority, plan further wars of conquest against Persians -ruler of Macedonia-Phillip II, decides he wants a trophy wife, wife 1 arrange assassination of husband -wife 1 had a son – Alexander -greatest military leaders of the ancient world, had no qualms about throwing himself into a fight -skilled in open pitched battles even with overwhelming odds against him -Tyre-great defenses, no one had been able to take great city by siege, Alexander took city in seven months -alexander defeated persian empire, marched onward to these-encountered elephants -june 323 – aalexander died, he was 33 -egypt recognized as a god, rulers in ancient Egypt were gods - founded cities wherever he went, imposed new governing elite there, brought greek everywhere he went, spread greek culture -achievements of greek philosophers , -thales, what is the fundamental underlying principle of the world water -Milesian school of philosophy -change is ultimate reality -Democritus-atomic theory, everything is made of atoms -Pythagorus – theory a + b =c, number was key to unlocking secrets of the universe -Sophists – advocates of wisdom, question conventional morality, slavery, question traditions, greek ethnic prutiy ideas, critized everything ex. Liberty - also teachers, taught methods of examination and questioning -teahcing without ethical guidelines, accused of
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Notes on Ancient Greeks - Ancient Greeks -delain league...

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