A Bitter Pill to Take (B)

A Bitter Pill to Take (B) - Caitlin Kelliher, Lisa Jolly,...

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Caitlin Kelliher, Lisa Jolly, Tom Christopher, Ryan Braunagel September 24, 2007 Bitter Pill (B) Professor Kydd Vioxx, the Superman of Drugs Vioxx was introduced to the market fairly recently. It is a Cox-2 inhibitor drug that was approved by the FDA in the short time of 6 months. Typically it is an 11 month process of testing before the FDA approves drugs, but they understood the significance of this drug and forwent the normal necessary testing. It was created in order to help both people with chronic pains and people with pain caused by arthritis. Vioxx has treated both of those symptoms and more without the common side effects of ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding. Despite all the recent questions surrounding the health issues of Merck’s drug Vioxx, it is still considered an essential part of the drug trade. When it was first introduced, there was an instant demand for the pill. Vioxx was Merck’s biggest, fastest and most profitable launch ever. Over the five years that Vioxx has been on the market, over 84 million people, 20 million of
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A Bitter Pill to Take (B) - Caitlin Kelliher, Lisa Jolly,...

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