A Bitter Pill to Take (D)

A Bitter Pill to Take (D) - Caitlin Kelliher Lisa Jolly Tom...

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Caitlin Kelliher Lisa Jolly Tom Christopher Ryan Branugel Bitter Pill (D) 1. Merck uses four key plants located in New Jersey, Alabama, Washington and Michigan to produce many of their products. However, each plant makes a certain percentage of specifically the Vioxx prescription medication. At the New Jersey plant, the percentage of production represented by Vioxx is sixty. At the Alabama plant, forty percent is represented and at the Washington plant, twenty percent is manufactured. At the Michigan plant, only Vioxx is produced therefore the percentage of production is one hundred percent. 2. If Merck will no longer be producing Vioxx, they should shut down the plants in New Jersey and Michigan because Vioxx is the majority drug produced at each of those plants. However, the plants in Alabama and Washington should remain in production because they make a majority of Merck’s other products. 3. Three of these four plants are located generally towards the East Coast, however, only one plant is located and the West Coast. Not to ignore the Washington plant only uses twenty percent of its capacity to produce Vioxx. Thus, Merck could realign production to manufacture more Vioxx on the West Coast, rather than spending money to ship the drug across the country from the three other plants. Michigan produces one hundred percent of Vioxx at their plant. If we were to take
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A Bitter Pill to Take (D) - Caitlin Kelliher Lisa Jolly Tom...

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