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Each exam will cover approximately three to four

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Unformatted text preview: semester. The questions on each exam will be objective (multiplechoice, true/false, fill in the blank). Each exam will cover approximately three to four weeks of material presented in class. You must bring a full-page (8.5” x 11”) scantron sheet and two #2 pencils to each exam. Grading Policy: Your grade will be calculated on the basis of the exams (4 x 25% = 100%). Grades will be posted on eLearning after each exam. Letter grades will be assigned according to the following guideline: A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69, F = 59 and below. Your grade in this class is earned, not awarded. I will consider rounding up percentages of 9.5 and higher ONLY if there is a consistent trend of improvement and class participation throughout the course. ARCH 249 Spring 2010 Prof. Glowacki Page 3 Electronic Resources: Your instructor will send you important course information on email to your NEO accounts at Texas A&M. It is your responsibility to check this account regularly and set up forwarding if you prefer to use another email service. We will use eLearning ( ) to post important course information such as the syllabus, announcements, study guides, and grades, as well as links to other helpful resources. Please log in as soon as possible. If you have technical difficulties, please contact the Help Desk directly at 845-8300. Americas with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy Statement The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the Department of Student Life, Services for Students with Disabilities in Cain Hall, Rm. B118 or call 845-1637. Acad...
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