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Upon accepting admission to texas am university a

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Unformatted text preview: emic Integrity: The Aggie Honor Code is as follows: “Aggies do not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do.” Upon accepting admission to Texas A&M University, a student automatically assumes a commitment to up hold the Honor Code, to accept responsibility for learning and to follow the philosophy and rules of the Honor System. Students will be required to state their commitment on examinations, research papers, and other academic work. Ignorance of the rules does not exclude any member of the Texas A&M University community from the requirements or the processes of the Honor System. For additional information please visit: www.tamu.edu/aggiehonor . Academic integrity is encouraged in keeping with Texas A&M University policies. On each exam, you will be asked to sign the following pledge: “On my honor, as an Aggie, I have neither given or received unauthorized aid on this academic work.” Students cheating or illicitly obtaining/providing answers on an exam or quiz will receive at a grade “0” for the exam and possibly a grade of “F” for the entire course. All suspected violations will be reported to the Honor Council to determine whether further sanctions are necessary. Classroom Behavior: Everyone is expected to help create a good learning environment: • Please arrive on time for classes and examinations. If you must be late, try to be as quiet as possible. • Please do not leave the classroom until the instructor has finished his presentation for the day and has dismissed the class. If you do need to leave early (for some urgent reason), sit near the exit aisles. • Please turn off (or at least put on vibrate) all cell phones prior to the start of class. Do not take or receive cell phone calls or text messages during class. If you absolutely must take an emergency call, leave the room for the rest of the class period. • Pl...
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