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Unformatted text preview: d other procedures, please consult the Student Rules at: . “To be excused the student must notify his or her instructor in writing (acknowledged e-mail message is acceptable) prior to the date of absence if such notification is feasible. In cases where advance notification is not feasible (e.g. accident, or emergency) the student must provide notification by the end of the second working day after the absence. This notification should include an explanation of why notice could not be sent prior to the class. If needed, the student must provide additional documentation substantiating the reason for the absence that is satisfactory to the instructor, within one week of the last date of the absence. If the absence is excused, the instructor must either provide the student an opportunity to make up any quiz, exam or other graded activities or provide a satisfactory alternative to be completed within 30 calendar days from the last day of the absence.” Make-ups for non-excused absences (including over-sleeping, personal travel, etc.) will be given at the discretion of the instructor – and a “late” penalty (reduction in grade by 5% per day) will apply. In keeping with University policy for excused absences, the student should notify the instructor in writing prior to the exam, if possible, and by the end of the second working day after the exam. If a student is allowed a make-up for an unexcused absence, the make-up must be completed within 1 week of the regularly scheduled exam or a grade of “0” will be assigned. “The instructor is under no obligation to provide an opportunity for the student to make up work missed because of an unexcused absence.” Make-up exams will cover the same material, but the questions may be in a different format, including fill-in-the blank, short answer, matching, diagramming, etc. Exams: There will be four exams during the...
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