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PART III - PART III Alternative Loans are a final straw to...

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PART III Alternative Loans are a final straw to help pay for college when all of your options have run out. I have explored this option for much of my collegiate career. I looked for options tat suited my credit liability as well as options that worked with my co-borrower’s situation. These are three options that I have either chose or looked into choosing for my funding. I have provided the source of the information for your reference. NellieMae : This was my first choice for a student loan because I have been using this group for about 3 and ½ years to help fund my college. This is one of the reason’s I chose them: “Save money with Nellie Mae! * Pay zero origination fee. * Earn an interest rate reduction for auto-debit payments. * Earn a check or credit with Nellie Mae Cash Back! * Borrow at a low, fixed interest rate of 6.8%. * Make no payments until you're out of school or drop below half-time status.” (Nelliemae.com) Campusdoor: This was another company I have borrowed from. However, they did not offer a co-borrower option that someone with my credit score needs. However
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