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Senate Alexander Prof Barton Race Studies 03.19.2008 “Alienation Thesis” The alienation of African Americans has gone on for many years and still continues today. Yes, African Americans have made great strides towards being more widely accepted by the Anglo Saxon civilization but will they ever really be accepted by the dominant culture. If one looks back at history it says no this will never happen because of how history has played out. According to George Yancey African Americans have made so many contributions to our culture that they are a major factor and part of dominate culture (Yancey, 13). He also states that black Americans can do contribute to American culture because they have not assimilated. He argues that since blacks have so much influence already they have chosen not to assimilate in dominant culture. In continuance as to what Yancey stated African American will not assimilate completely into Anglo Saxon civilization because of the existence of a racial hierarchy that has the blacks on the bottom, an erroneous attitude towards African Americans and bigotry that still exists in America today. While all these problems are still in full effect, we have made great strides in having “African Americans” become more assimilated as a people but it is certainly not enough to even to be able say that African Americans will be assimilated ever. Alexander 1
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In American culture we have a racial hierarchy, which has the black society at the bottom of the hierarchy with little hope that they will ever rise in the ranks. I am not saying that blacks are the only group that is alienated; all that I am saying is that blacks cannot enjoy the ability to assimilate into American culture like other non black denominations can. This is also evident in the high number blacks without jobs.
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