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Matt Desiderio English 4/2/08 It’s the year 2050 every person has a robot in his or her home. Robots run most of the everyday life things that we humans ran in the past. The robots have taken our way of life and are starting to become the dominant culture. A new scientific discovery called “transmigration” is being offered to humans so they may become like their robot counterparts. A team of scientists come to you and asks you if you would like to do it. You have lost your job, your house, and your way of life because of the robots. By doing this process you now how the chance to get back your life, what do you do? We might all have to ask that question to ourselves if the discovery of artificial intelligent continues to grow in the future. We have seen this new trend in motion pictures like I Robot and Artificial Intelligence. If AI goes as planned with thinking human-like robots that have feeling and emotions, then the laws that we as humans adhere to would have to be altered to include the roles of robots in our society. With this thinking we are posed with three questions that must be answered in order for us to live with robots that have AI as sophisticated as humans. The questions which are the focal point of my argument are How would we be able to identify if our technology of AI has reached the sophistication of not only mimicking a human but being a human?”. “Will the robots have the same rights as humans”, “Would the robots be responsible for their actions?”. These questions must be answered if we are to be able to successfully live with robots in our community. Alexander 1
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paper 4 - Alexander 1 Senate Alexander Matt Desiderio...

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