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1aii liquidated damages when valid however since

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Unformatted text preview: es of Loss •  However, loss in the form of distress or disappointment cannot be claimed. •  But there are limited excepBons. For instance, if the purpose or one of the main purposes of the contract is to provide pleasure or peace of mind, then such damages may be claimed. 1(A)i Unliquidated Damages - Remoteness •  LimitaBon to losses that can be claimed – –  the losses cannot be too remote/far- fetched –  if they are, they cannot be claimed. Why? •  Losses are considered not too remote either Ø། If they are ordinary/natural/common/typical in nature or Ø། If they are excepBonal/extraordinary/special in nature, but are within the contemplaBon of the parBes. 1(A)i Unliquidated Damages - MiBgaBon •  Further, the plainBff must m...
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