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B can assign that right to c without consent of a c

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Unformatted text preview: a clause in the contract which places an obligaBon on one party not to do something. •  An example of a negaBve covenant is the restraint of trade clause. •  Thus if there is a valid restraint of trade clause in the contract and the defendant is threatening to breach it, the plainBff may be able to obtain an injuncBon to stop him from doing so. •  InjuncBon is a court order If breached – contempt of court (criminal liability) 1(C) Specific Performance •  Specific performance is a court order requesBng the contract to be performed or carried out. •  However, it will not be granted in some circumstances such as when damages will be adequate or in contracts of personal services. •  Eg: when is specific performance more likely to be granted: buying a normal car or buying an anBque car? •  Specific performance is a court order – what if it is breached? InternaBonal Comparisons US China India Malaysia Damages...
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